supaKC – pretty darkness, (GYR3), Out 8.3.2021

FLESH, supaKC – Glimmermoth (GYR2), Out 23.2.2021

supaKC – Deeper, Graveyard Records (GYR1), Out 1.10.2020

supaKC‘ „Love needs security“ at Magazinsendung „Nachlegen, bitte!“, ab Minute 33:30

Der Solisampler in Form einer Doppel-CD ist erhältlich beim Underground Recordstore in Chemnitz oder digital downloadbar über Bandcamp

Jingle für den Podcast von Kreatives Sachsen, 2020

„Don’t push the river“ EP by supaKC x noisy answer , self-released, 2020 
Written, produced, mixed and mastered by supaKC, except lyrics for ‚Sick of being sick‘ feat. Rusty Basswood, 2019
All rights reserved, 2020
Layout: Egges
Complete artwork here to download:
You can buy this cassette via or BC here. If you live in Canada or Toronto, please visit The Dupe Shop, a great tape and video store where you can also buy the cassette. 

supaKC – The fire (EP) Cassette edition + digital release – released: 19.09.2019
Videoteaser –>,
Photos: Henrike Böhm

Diving Deep EP by Lootbeg & supaKC, Release: June 2019, afin33

Diving Deep“ (Club Mix) by Lootbeg & supaKC, Project Indigo,Efflorescence EP, 2019

Podcast for From Halle with Love, #76, Releasedate: April 2019. Also available via Spotify


1. Julee Cruise – Falling
2. Chromatics – BLUE MOON
3. supaKC – The power of your inner peace
4. Chromatics -Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
5. Neil Frances – Teardrops
6. Jolly Mare – Shame
7. Grimes – Weregild
8. Blood Orange – Dagenham Dream
9. Pictureplane and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Low Key
10 . Hante – Never Over
11. Iamamiwhoami – Fountain
12. KJUBI – Ghosts
13. Lucio Battisiti – Anna (Musica con Guida)
Thanx! <3

supaKC – „Frost Flowers“, Release via PH17,  Releasedate: 03.02.2019
Listen and/or download: 
supaKC mix for the radioshow „Letters from Leipzig“ hosted by Random Radio Blow and streamed via Sohoradio to the world <3 Thank u. 
‚Echolocation‘ by KC, a track that plays with the means of ‚echolocating‘ is now available via bandcamp for purchasing & listening. Artwork by Melanie Fiedler.  Mastering by Tom Haunstein. 
noisy answer x supaKC live @Radiokiosk 2018, 15_09_2018, Halle

KC – Foggy Nights, 2017/2018

KC – Echolocation (2018), Mastering: Tom Haunstein, Photo: Melanie Fiedler

Toronto-based music blog House of Lords did a video for ‚Calling U Out‘, a collaborational track from Lootbeg and me. They also wrote some words about it: 

‚Calling U Out‘ – Lootbeg & supaKC, released via a friend in need, Leipzig, [afin26], Out: 6.5.2018, artwork by Felix Schneeweiß

supaKC’s Poor People’s on Leipzig Only 4 – Various Artistsa friend in need, digital, Leipzig, Release: April 2018, buy:

KC’s Mahalo on Future Sound of Leipzig by Defrostatica Records, CD+digital, Leipzig, Release: 18.5.2018

‚dark spot‘ by supaKC is an experimental track, including a quote from the podcast: „The Lonely Cyborg“ from BBC program ‚Five Hundred Years Of Friendship“. The track is about the idea of dark spots in the human psyche and that shedding no light on it, can play into a development of estrangement and anger in communication, friendship and love.
This track is free to download.
Der elektrische Reiter – 1
„poor people’s“ by supaKC x noisy answer, with a quote from Atlanta, 2k17
„Peacock butterfly“ excerpt from  „Südblock“, 04.11.2017, Flittchenbar.

Excerpt from the track „Something„.  Written & produced by supaKC, 2018

’93‘ by noisy answer, release:  July 2017
‚Higher‘ by supaKC, 2017

‚Foggy Nights‘ by supaKC, 2016

„Peacock Butterfly“ by supaKC, 2016, recorded at a rehearsal studio concert, Leipzig, 2017

Say my name by supaKC, 2017

Bleeding by supaKC, 2017

Excerpt from „Helsinki“ by supaKC, 2017 —>
NEW! I posted all my dj-sets here:
In thoughts of you
Special noisy answer tape edition with Lootbeg Remix: Limited to 10 tapes. Write to for purchasing or here. Also available at S1 Vinyl & Kaffee, Leipzig.
‚Noisy answer‘ tapes in red and blue are available at Buchhandlung drift or Possblthings in Leipzig.
’noisy answer‘ EP, Out: June 2016 ‚Noisy Answer‘ is my sideproject combining minimal song arrangements with noisy instruments. Digital download here.
Lootbeg’s LoFi Interpretation of ‚Präsenz“ Buy your copy here.
Music video for ‚präsenz‘ from ’noisy answer‘
 „Condense“ (supaKC Remix), from EP ‚QUASAR‘ by Corecass. Out: February 2016. Buy your copy here.
 „Dedicated“ Live-Set,  January 2015 @Loophole Berlin, RAW Chicks

„So Warn Me“ (2014)
„Streitse“ (2013)
KC – „Music for grown-up children“ (2007-2010).